Larger events of increasing importance and open to all World Cup, Nations Cup and club world cup The first innovations

On 27 and 28 December in Dubai, in the period which transforms the Arab Emirates into a kind of international and intercontinental footballing think tank, the International Sports Conference with the accompanying Globe Soccer event and Awards will offer us new and certainly important themes on the future of football in the era of increasingly fast paced total globalisation.

Representatives from the new FIFA, the new UEFA, and the new realities represented by China and North America, will meet to discuss issues of extraordinary relevance, such as the 48 team World Cup announced for 2026, the second European Championships which is already scheduled and the possible advent of a kind of club world championship on a two-yearly basis and a formula simile to that currently used for the federations’ tournament.

Big numbers are at stake, involving unimaginable cash flows. The virtual stadium now looms over the plant, free of any limitations and dismissive of borders, with the sole risk of drawing to itself most of the value reserved to TV rights or rather linked to all the possible present and future uses of video images.

It is easy to understand how great a political and industrial impact the changes could bring. For this reason it will be decisive to talk about it in Dubai, where we will have other key members of the footballing community in the front row. In any case the changes are arousing interest. 2017 will be the year of new developments.

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